I’m Not Like Them But I Can Pretend

Boy we’ve been busy since my last post. Zack has received supports from Michigan so now I am actively looking for workers. Not so easy on a budget of $10 an hour!

In the meantime, we have been working hard to get his painted furniture business online. Here is one of his recent creations;

For this treatment he used a paint pen and stencils over a chalk paint table he had finished previously. He put three coats of polycrylic on the top to keep it from chipping. (This is a kitchen table and will get a lot of wear and tear.)

I would say the biggest high of his summer has been biking the Golden Gate Bridge (see pic). The flight was 4 hours and I swear he is the best traveler of the three of us. That is just too late my for me to sit!

Nice picture, right?

A few more pics from our trip. San Francisco should be on your bucket list.

He also loves  being politically active so he has volunteered for a local candidate, David Benac, whose platform includes Medicare for all. I know a lot of people don’t support this but my husband works for himself and we just found out our premiums will be increasing by 32%. We cannot afford this so we’re not sure what we are going to do.

Now I have big favor to ask. We need input on what to name his Etsy shop that he’s setting up for his painted furniture. Suggestions?



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