Biking The Musketawa Trail

Picture a beautiful summer day. High 70’s, not a cloud in the sky, birds singing and a gentle breeze. Perfect day for a bike ride, right? Wrong!

We drove to the Musketawa Trail which is near Grand Rapids. We’ve got everything unloaded when I realize I don’t have the battery for my bike. 

Zack loves to bike and bikes a lot faster than I do. So I bought myself an electric bike so he and I could enjoy biking when his Dad is not around. Unfortunately, I forgot the battery for the bike. It is a heavy bike and is very hard to pedal without the battery so we switched bikes.

I realized my error the minute he took off and left me in the dust. I kept screaming for him to stop but he just kept going. I called 911 and they found him about 6 miles down the bike path. He looked like he really enjoyed sitting  in the back of the squad car!

It’s so demoralizing sometimes. We bike about 4 times a week and he hasn’t done something like this in years. He has worked so hard and made so much progress that when something like this happens it really gets me down. We’ve both worked so hard to help him live his best life yet still we have some very bad days. 

The blessing and n all of this is that he’s safe and sound. I’ll shed a few more tears, re-group and try again tomorrow.

Never give up!

Have a wonderful weekend . 


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