Baby It’s Hot Outside

“How are you doing Zack?”

“Sweaty”.  πŸ˜Š

(No I am not torturing him. This is a special bike shirt that is breathable an UV protected. We love them.)

Because we have moved we had to transfer our guardianship to a new state. It appears the standard in our new state is much higher than the old one. We have to have an evaluation done by a licensed psychologist and a speech and language exam. Heavy sigh. (I just could not find an emoji that expressed how I felt.)

So today we decided to forget all about responsibility and bike our brains out on the Saugany Lake Trail. It’s not particularly scenic but there’s very little traffic and it’s close to home. 

Zack didn’t learn to ride his bike until he was 10. Once he got going he never stopped.  Now he pedals do fast I had to get an electric bike to keep up with him! Naturally we didn’t start our ride until 2:30. It’s about 88 and really humid.  By the end of the ride he was spent but once Zack gets on his bike he is determined to finish. 

Today we had a nice post ride pasta of fettuccine with avocado, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Check out more of our pics on Instagram @carbisntafourletterword. 

It’s gonna be another scorcher tomorrow and we gave full day planned. Stay tuned. 

C.A., Zack and Izze

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