The Journey Continues

It has been so long since I have posted here.  I’ll try and catch you up all in one post! 

We have officially moved to Michigan. We have a cute little cottage in a lakeside town that we just love. The beach and water is so rejuvenating for the soul. It has given me a sesame or serenity and renewed energy that I haven’t had in quite some time. 

Part of the reason I feel a renewed sense of optimism that I had previously lost is that Zack loves it ! We have been diligently and methodically rehabbing our cottage. He has grown so much with his skills and determination that he now can paint an entire room himself. He tapes, paints and cleans up independently. Wow. How good that feels and it makes him so happy. 

We’re also worked no on adopting a healthier lifestyle. While he loves to bike he is so much faster than I am that it became really hard for me to keep up. So my husband bought me a townie go. It’s an electric bike they can go up to 20 miles so we are getting exercise on the daily. 

The eating, however, has been really challenging. We are trying to do a WFPB way of life. Just yesterday he tried to convince me that McDonalds fruit punch was healthy because it had fruit in it 😊.  As a friend of mine always says, “There are no problems, only challenges and opportunities “.  I try to live with that mantra but sometimes it’s hard. If anyone has any suggestions on how to transition to healthier eating with a reluctant family, I would love to hear it. 

As with every good story, it should end on a high note. So here is your moment of cuteness to give you one smile today. 

It’s a beautiful 80 degree day.  Time to hit the beach. 

Until we chat again.

C.A., Zack and Izze 

2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

  1. Might I suggest you do a little reading of Susan Weed’s The Wise Woman Way? She has simple easy to implement suggestions on healthy eating, including nurrishing infusions. It is a well balanced diet without massive ommissions so should be fairly simple to ease into. Making and drinking infusions might be a good way to start, the difference they make is amazing, and it is noticeable very quickly. Results usually speak for themselves and everyone may go along with you more readily if they’ve already experienced something positive for themselves.

    Best of luck!


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