Zack Cooks: How To Make Breakfast Fast, Easy And Healthy

Adopting a healthy lifestyle has not been the easiest of concepts for my son to adopt and learn. Every day he wants to eat out. Not only is a daily dose of Mcdonald’s unhealthy but I really can’t afford to take him out every day. So we are starting small with quick easy breakfasts that are tempting but not too unhealthy.

Fortunately he likes oatmeal so we have been preparing overnight oats on Sunday evenings.


The biggest expense was the mason jars but they will last forever so that’s a pretty good investment. We pick up a lot of add ins to keep it from getting too boring. They’re not sausage biscuits but they still take pretty good.

We start with a base of 1/2 cup of oatmeal and 1 TBSP of chia seeds. Our favorite flavor combinations are:

  • ginger, date and pear
  • strawberries with mini chocolate chips
  • apple, cinnamon and caramel
  • banana and maple syrup
  • blueberry peach
  • raspberries with mini chocolate chips
  • coconut, cocoa and honey
  • apple cranberry or raisins

We can’t include any nuts because of our allergies. We top it off with 3/4 C soy milk.

So far we’re off to a good start so hear is hoping it will become a habit. I’d love to hear how everyone else helps their loved ones adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Have a great week!

C.A., Zack and Izze

© Chantelle Porter 2016





2 thoughts on “Zack Cooks: How To Make Breakfast Fast, Easy And Healthy

  1. These look delicious, thank you for sharing!

    Smoothies were my wonder-filled meal changer. I can drop so many good essentials in to one drink and not even taste them (including bananas which I really do not like the taste of but want to eat on a daily bases!). And of course some times they are just fun. I like the silk nut milks (coconut is my new favourite) and I’ve discovered they have some fabulous recipes on there site, quick, easy without too many ingredients and really tasty!

    Best of luck and I hope you share any new meal making discoveries!

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