About a year ago Zackary was doing alot of squinting when he would have to read something. So we took him to the eye doctor who said he couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He kept doing it so we took to his regular doctor who didn’t find anything wrong so we weren’t really sure what to think.

Today we took him in for another exam and were told by the eye doctor that he has Keratonocus. His cornea in the left eye is so scarred he can see virtually nothing with that eye! Not only that, but the only treatment is a cornea transplant.

My poor baby. Autism, asthma, eczema, life threatening allergies and now this?! I can barely read the screen through all my tears. Fortunately the other eye is still good so maybe it won’t develop in that one at is has in the left eye.

PLease send prayers/good thoughts for Zack. And give your loved ones an extra hug tonight. YOu never know what tomorrow may bring.

In peace.


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