Yesterday, I took Zack in for his twice yearly check-up at the allergist. His asthma, allergies to pets, ragweed, mold, grass pollen, tree pollen, peanuts, tree nuts, and his eczema are all doing well. As if having autism isn’t enough, right? (Oh, btw, he also has Tourette’s). Naturally, she needs to scold me, yet again, about proper skin care which consists of lathering up with lotions and creams twice a day. I patiently reply, I lather him up, he washes it off. Sigh.

Why doesn’t she get it?

Don’t get me wrong. She’s a nice lady and obviously really bright. How can she not see how a person who is minimally verbal and struggles to follow directions might not be compliant with sticky lotions all over his body. Sometimes I just want to scream loud and long.

It seems lately that whatever class he goes to he’s always in trouble. Don’t grab things that don’t belong to you, don’t leave the room without asking, don’t shred your T-shirt because it has a little rip in it. Sometimes I think there is no place for him and I’m really starting to worry about the quality of his life after I’m dead.


Fortunately, we do have alot of good days. This is a picture of Zack at Disney World with Perry. Great trip. We’ve been there about 15 times and it’s always a success.

Stay warm.


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