We’re Back

We have been through quite alot over the past 1+ years and are back better than ever.

I (C.A.) am a 52 year old wife, lover and mother. Zack is my 22 year old son who has autism. Izze is our Toy Poodle whom we lovingly refer to as our comfort puppy.

Zack is no longer in school and is looking at many avenues for crafting a happy life. He has many interests including geography, carpentry, bicycling, travel, cooking and video games. It has been challenging to find some sort of employment for Zack and right now we are trying the following:

We recently purchased a small cottage on Lake Michigan which we are rehabbing in the hopes of renting out during the summer to provide some additional income and grow his skills and interests.

I also have an Etsy shop where I sell vintage home decor and collectibles to which I’m hoping to add a line of upcycled furniture which is also one of Zack’s interests.

We’re also planning on opening an additional Etsy where we will sell handmade cards. can you tell we’re a crafty clan.

It’s my hope that by documenting our experiences we can pave a path that others can follow that may make the journey a bit easier.

In peace.

C.A., Zack and Izze


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